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Ulysses bobbing up and down, day in, day out, for over 30 years.
Keet blowing endless bubbles in a corner against the wall.
An unnamed orca beaches itself over and over again.
Kalia beaches herself and violently thrashes, repeatedly.
Orcas bob motionlessly at the surface of the water.
And sad, abused Morgan, chews on the walls of her tank and breaks her teeth.

These are all blatant examples of stereotypy behavior in orcas.

"[Stereotypy] are repetitive behaviors in captive animals, particularly those given inadequate mental stimulation. These behaviors may be maladaptive, involving self-injury or reduced reproductive success, and in laboratory animals can confound behavioral research”

Circus tricks are not natural ‘behaviors’, and stereotypy behavior is unhealthy. But these are the real behaviors captive orcas express. Are they healthy? 

odio lod oceanarios, deben erradicarse

this is so cruel! everyone should watch blackfish (its on netflix) its a documentary about how whales can react to captivity, especially one whale that turned into literally a killer whale, reacting to the abuse it was receiving. i’m never ever going to a place like sea world again, i won’t waste my money on places that abuse animals. wild animals should be free as they’re intended to be. 

orcas are clannish and they have their families, fishermen separate the calves from their mothers and the mothers get depressed when they’re separated from their babies. 

whales are extremely smart creatures, especially orcas, they change their languages according to their own regions. 

i’ve always been fascinated by them, because of their beauty and how majestic they are.

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Artwork from the Star Wars Identities Exhibition.

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Stand for something … Even if it’s just a camera. (at southern Oregon Coast)

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